About us

FAVORITE– products under this brand – a new word in the manufacture of fishing gear. We managed to create a really high-class rods, answering the requirements and are available to a wide range of anglers. What distinguishes products FAVORITE among the closest analogues?

Concept of each series and the model is developed by experienced anglers athletes who know firsthand what should be a tackle. So when you pick up the rod FAVORITE, you can be sure – it is ideally suited for catching our fish in our waters. Based on the needs of the fishermen of the CIS, choose the length, the test range, the design, the specialization of each model.

FAVORITE of rods you see how versatile, multi-purpose model, and highly specialized tools designed for different styles of fishing. The narrow specialization – it’s not just a fad but a necessity, because the modern spinning – this is a very complex and multifaceted way of fishing, to be accomplished using certain baits and methods of wire rods requires well-defined concept. But even without universal models can not do – they need in those cases where, for some reason, the angler has to fishing limited to one tackle. Much the same can be said about other ways of catching gear.

All rods FAVORITE performed with a certain safety margin. They are not intended to “hothouse” conditions, and for the reality of everyday fishing with all contingencies and unforeseen circumstances. We believe that the strength of the rod should not be sacrificed, what characteristics we would not like to receive.

Our position is that tackle a wide range of fishing should not vary poor, outdated design and fittings. All of our rods are equipped with modern handle and reel seat, capacity rings, number, shape and size of which are carefully selected for each model in accordance with the requirements of this gear.

We are not looking for easy ways, and do not stop there. The newest, cutting-edge technology and design solutions in the field of fishing rod immediately are embodied in products FAVORITE. Therefore FAVORITE – it is always high quality, modern and yet affordable!