Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

The production of this series has redefined what fishermen though was a budget rod. Fast Action, light weight, perfect balance, elegant decoration and precise assembly… As in many of the modern sport models the separated handle which fits the hand perfectly is used. Not so long ago one could only dream about such budget rod. All models are compatible with the modern animation methods, that’s why they are hard enough which enabled the fisherman do twitching of wobblers and move jigging bait as one wants. It would be a wise decision to for beginners to start with an Absolute spinning. Experienced fishermen themselves, who prefer quality at reasonable price, will not be disappointed.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
ABS662UL Ultra Light 1,98m 2-10g Fast
ABS662L Light 1.98m 3-15g Fast
ABS732L Light 2.20m 3-15g Fast
ABS732ML Medium Light 2.20m 5-21g Fast
ABS732M Medium 2.20m 7-28g Fast
ABS802M Medium 2.4m 7-28g Fast
Code Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16930037 ABS662UL 89g 2 110сm
16930038 ABS662L 94g 2 110сm
16930073 ABS732L 109g 2 114сm
16930074 ABS732ML 116g 2 114сm
16930075 ABS732M 116g 2 114сm
16930039 ABS802M 123g 2 125сm

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