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Aggressor is truly a revolution in the production of the spinning rods. For the first time the rod the production of which involves nano-technologies are now affordable for a wide range of fishermen! The secret of the new series is in the connecting material – it penetrates in the smallest pours of the graphite fiber fastening the material for sure. Besides, it has a more dense structure compared to a traditional one – that’s why it also has high durability. Such connecting material is used less than usual which leads to a greater percent of the graphite fiber in the blank, increases durability, resistance to different loads including hits. Not only connecting material contributes to the increase in durability but also a reinforced blank construction. The Aggressor rods can be used for different fishing techniques, every time received a remarkable hardness, durability and long distance casting as a bonus. It’s not a problem if one goes fishing for a long time having this rod as the only rod. Besides, the pleasure from the fishing is guarantied – a very comfortable modern handle, high-quality fittings, perfect balance of the tackle, its responsiveness and sensitivity will meet the requirements of the most picky fishermen.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
702ML Medium Light 2.10m 2-10g Extra fast
702M Medium 2.10m 3-15g Mod. fast
702MH Medium Heavy 2.10m 5-20g Mod. fast
802ML Medium Light 2.40m 2-10g Extra fast
802M Medium 2.40m 3-15g Mod. fast
802MH Medium Heavy 2.40m 5-20g Mod. fast
902M Medium 2.70m 3-15g Mod. fast
902MH Medium Heavy 2.70m 5-20g Mod. fast
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930076 702ML 108g 2 112сm
16930077 702M 129g 2 112сm
16930078 702MH 139g 2 112сm
16930079 802ML 121g 2 126сm
16930080 802M 147g 2 126сm
16930081 802MH 162g 2 126сm
16930082 902M 172g 2 140сm
16930083 902MH 185g 2 140сm

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