Rings: Korea SIC Reel: Wood reel seat Handle material: Cork Lures Spinners

Arena is a new Favorite rod designed for trout fishing. The model range includes four modifications which have all the required characteristics needed for refined trout fishing tool. Sensitive blank lets you have a full lure control even using the nylon line. Medium “trout” action helps you to catch a fish with a minimal lost percentage even using barbless hooks. Rod has a low total weigh allowing to create a complex lure animation. Arena can easily handle with spoons, light trout hard lures, micro/nano jigging. concept. This will give you extra casting meters.
Модельный ряд
Модель Класс Длинна Тест Тест по шнуру строй
ARN 602-XUL Ultralight 1.8m 0.6-3g 2-4lb Mod. Slow
ARN 632-SUL Light 1.9m 0.8-3.5g 2-6lb Mod. Slow
ARN 662-SUL Light 1.98m 1-4g 2-6lb Mod. Slow
ARN 662-UL Light 1.98m 1.5-5g 2-8lb Mod. Slow
Дополнительные характеристики
Код Модель Вес К-во секций Длина в сложенном виде
16930223 ARN 602-XUL 73g 2 сm
16930224 ARN 632-SUL 74g 2 сm
16930225 ARN 662-SUL 77g 2 сm
16930226 ARN 662-UL 78g 2 сm


  1. zander

    I want to ask when it will be available in stores in Slovakia

  2. Marius

    Hi, in pictures i see Fuji K guides but on the site is wrote Korea Sic. Which guides will have the series rod?

    • admin Pavel

      This photo preproduction.
      On rod series are other rings.
      A similar shape, but other manufacturer.

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