Rings: L-Ti Guides Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Lures Spinners

This is a series of budget rods, which proves that the quality of production is not the prerogative of the expensive things only. The basic idea of the new rod is a combination of quality, functionality and availability, hence the name. No compromises were made - you get excellent quality at an affordable price. Short, lightweight and balanced rods of the Balance series are designed for fishing both when using hard lures, light spinners and spoons for a perch and a white predators: chub, asp, ide. Equiped with L-Ti Guides
Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
BLC-602SUL Super Ultralight 1.83m 1-5g 4-6lb Mod. fast
BLC-602UL Ultralight 1.83m 2-7g 4-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-662UL Ultralight 2.01m 2-7g 4-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-662L medium light 2.01m 3-10g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-702UL Ultra light 2.13m 2-7g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-702L light 2.13m 3-10g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-732L light 2.20m 3-12g 6-10lb Mod. fast
BLC-732ML medium light 2.20m 4-15g 6-10lb Mod. fast
Code Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16930161 BLC-602SUL 87g 2 95сm
16930162 BLC-602UL 98g 2 95сm
16930163 BLC-662UL 95g 2 104сm
16930164 BLC-662L 104g 2 104сm
16930219 BLC-702UL 93g 2 сm
16930220 BLC-702L 106g 2 cm
16930221 BLC-732L 112g 2 сm
16930222 BLC-732ML 116g 2 сm

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