Blue Bird

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig

Not very long ago micro-jigging tackles, of course, if we talk about those tackles which allow realizing the potential of this style, were affordable to quite a few. It is a paradox – budget in all respects fishing style had only one obstacle – the price of the rod. High-quality models with monolith pasted-in tips were presented only by the elite Japanese firms. But now this obstacle was eliminated by the Blue Bird series. These rods though of low price are definitely not a compromise. This is a truly high-quality, very sensitive tackle which allows casting small baits for a long distance. It’s equipped with a comfortable separated handle, L-Ti Guides and tiny throughput rings on the top which decrease the inertia and increase sensitivity. Additionally, the top painted white which together with black winding of the rings can be easily seen with any background. Put on a light reel and you have a perfect instrument which isn’t worse by many parameters that his brand analogs.
Model range
Мodel Class Lenght Test Line test Action
BB-632SUL-S Ultralight 1.92m 1-7g 2-4lb
BB-632L Ultralight 1.92m 3-12g 2-4lb
BB-682SUL-S Ultralight 2.04m 0,5-5g 2-4lb
BB-682UL-S Ultralight 2.04m 1-7g 4-6lb
BB-732L-S Light 2.21m 4-14g 4-10lb
BB-762UL-T Ultralight 2.29m 1,5-8g 4-6lb
BB-792UL-T Ultralight 2.36m 2-10g 6-8lb
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packedm length
16938007 BB-632SUL-S 90g 2 100сm
16938008 BB-632SL 92g 2 100сm
16938001 BB-682SUL-S 89g 2 105сm
16938000 BB-682UL-S 88g 2 105сm
16938005 BB-732L-S 100g 2 114сm
16938011 BB-762UL-T 106g 2 117см
16938012 BB-792UL-T 110g 2 120см

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