Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures Spinners

A series of universal rods. They are powerful and fast enough, but also very flexible. Handles made of porous material EVA are remarkable for convenience and small length. The main advantage of this rods is the ability to easily perform long casts of baits of different styles, including light-weight and water-resistant. The blank is easily loaded and smoothly, but very dynamically gives its energy to the bait. It’s equipped with small amount of rings in order to decrease the friction of the line during casting while they are situated in the right place so that the blank doesn’t have “risk zones”, i.e. over-loaded areas. With all its flexibility, the rods are rather fast and enable a perfect control of the bait retrieving.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
DLS702ML Medium Light 2.10m 3-14g Fast
DLS702M Medium 2.10m 5-21g Fast
DLS802ML Medium Light 2.40m 3-14g Fast
DLS802M Medium 2.40m 5-21g Fast
DLS802MH Medium Heavy 2.40m 5-28g Fast
DLS802H Heavy 2.40m 7-35g Fast
DLS902M Medium 2.70m 5-21g Fast
DLS902MH Medium Heavy 2.70m 5-28g Fast
DLS902H Heavy 2.70m 7-35g Fast
DLS902EX-H Extra Heavy 2.70m 7-45g Fast
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16933020 DLS702ML 130g 2 109сm
16933021 DLS702M 135g 2 109сm
16933022 DLS802ML 155g 2 124сm
16933023 DLS802M 160g 2 124сm
16933024 DLS802MH 165g 2 124сm
16933025 DLS802H 190g 2 124сm
16933026 DLS902M 185g 2 140сm
16933027 DLS902MH 190g 2 140сm
16933028 DLS902H 195g 2 140сm
16933029 DLS902EX-H 205g 2 140сm

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