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Your best performance comes with our products

in any waters worldwide: your new Favorite!

Favorite is a global manufacturer of fishing equipment for predatory fish. We have offices in Ukraine,USA, Japan, and our own subcontract-based production in East Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan).

Founded in 2006, by amateur and sport fishermen, Favorite was at first a local brand but operating in  the structure of a large-scale distributor of fishing tackle. Currently, the company sells tackle in 42 countries across the globe.

Initially, the products were developed and tested in areas where the situation with fish size and population was definitely far from ideal but the fishing culture was nevertheless extremely strong. That’s why we were constantly improving our skills and our equipment, to showcase the best results and get the optimum performance out of fishing. We came to understand that we could offer top of the line fishing solutions for any waters.

Our own R&D centers in Ukraine and Asia enable us to quickly respond to market demands, finding efficient solutions within product design and functionality. We carefully study and listen to the needs of fisherman and offer specialized solutions for different types of fishing, as well as offer a variety of rod models for a range of budgets. For demanding and experienced fishermen, the brand offers a specialized Pro-series of fishing rods, for which we use the top components from world-leader FUJI, prepregs manufactured by TORAY consortium and the unique, patented developments from Favorite company.  

All the products pass through  two-stage quality control process. During the first stage, production is checked at our own production facilities in East Asia, at the second stage production is checked in regional warehouses by specialists from the technical control department. All the new developments are field tested by our demanding brand followers. That’s why we’re confident in our products and offer one year warranty for Favorite rod and reels. In addition, we offer a wide range of spare parts for rods, reels and spools for reels.

To reach ambitious goals, we can’t accept compromises. Achieve the best results in fishing, work, and life – these are the core principles of our team. This passion for our business and hobby has allowed us to unite the best partners, sportsmen and fishermen from the entire world around the brand Favorite.


  • 2006 - 2008: Company started out with a thorough market research program, selection of factories, product development and testing before production of its first line of fishing rods delivered for the Ukrainian market.
  • 2008  2010: Grew market share in Ukraine to more than 30% and began a new investment program to develop a reels range. In 2010, attended its first ever international trade and consumer show, Hunting & Fishing in Russia, at the All Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow.
  • 2011: First fishing show in Belarus. Established distributors for all former Soviet Union countries.
  • 2012: First EFTTEX in Paris, where the company began its distribution campaign for Europe.
  • 2013: Opened its European warehouse in Lithuania and launched its specialized PRO SERIES of rods.
  • 2014: Attends China Fish as it begins targeting the Asian market. Later, the SOLO is named runner-up (Commended) in the rod category of the Angling International-sponsored Best New Product Awards at EFTTEX.
  • 2015: First appearance at ICAST, the world’s largest fishing tackle trade show, and the formation of Favorite Fishing USA as the company targets the North American and Canadian markets. Began developing a range of US-specific tackle.
  • 2016: First appearance at the Osaka Fishing Show in Japan in collaboration with Hyogo Products. Its 10th anniversary also marks the advent of a new logo, new standards and a new chapter.
  • 2017: Favorite became one of the biggest rod brand in the world, being presented in 42 countries across the globe. Favorite Shard and Favorite SMART PE was announced runner up as the BEST ROD and BEST PE LINE 2017.