Landing net Favorite Arena 1.4m, blue

Landing net Favorite Arena 1.4m, blue


Trout fishing is a cult Japanese activity, which consist of a correct approach to lures and rods, but as well about careful approach to the caught fish. Trout is very aggressive not only when it is fighting, but in the landing net as well. In sport fishing with principles of catch & release, anglers has to use the landing nets made only from soft rubber material. Soft net doesn’t damage the fish. Our team has tested majority of the available landing nets before we created a model that suits for our fishing conditions in the best way. Arena landing nets have a wide top part and a long handle, that is why, an angler can take the fish out not only from a convenient platform, but as well from a "complicated" shore.


Model Dimensions Weight, g Code Price, USD
Blue 1.4 16931044 29.99

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