Arena PE 4x purple

Arena PE 4x purple


Favorite Arena is a 4-carrier braided specialized area line. It is very thin, round and dense, that is why it is easy to handle with lightweight lures, and it is better to control them as well. Favorite Arena lines are manufactured in sizes from #0.175 till #0.4, according to Japanese numeration standard. They are suitable for fishing for trout and other types of ultralight fishing, for example micro-jigging.

It is designed in two colours: steel grey and purple. The purple one is brighter and more noticeable than commo light green, pink and blue lines. Steel grey is not so visible for fish in the water though a fisherman can see the steel grey line better than common dark green and black colours.

  • It is made from highly resistant material S-Grade PE and has a very dense weaving. That is why these lines are very thin and exceptionally sensitive, moreover, they are very resistant.
  • The silicone upper layer Si-coating creates a soft and slick surface. The friction in the guides is decreased, that is why casting distance is bigger. The line with such upper layer is more water resistant.
  • Lifetime painting keeps the line colour for a long period of time.


Diameter, mm Breaking load Number
according to the Japanese classification
Colour Length Code Price, USD
0.104 3.5 kg #0.4 Purple 150 16931099 29.99
0.09 3 kg #0.3 Purple 150 16931098 29.99
0.076 2.1 kg #0.2 Purple 150 16931097 29.99
0.071 1.4 kg #0.175 Purple 150 16931096 29.99
0.104 3.5 kg #0.4 Purple 100 16931103 19.99
0.09 3 kg #0.3 Purple 100 16931102 19.99
0.076 2.1 kg #0.2 Purple 100 16931101 19.99
0.071 1.4 kg #0.175 Purple 100 16931100 19.99


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