Classical bass fishing baitcasting rods. Short, sensitive, powerful – ideal for modern types of fishing and not only for bass. It’s suitable for all freshwater predators for enthusiast of baitcasting. We managed to find a balance, which helps not to lose comfortable casting characteristics – the blank works well at casting, while saving enough stiffness for twitching. The butt section is reinforced with a special crossing carbon wrapping X-WRAP. Drive model range is easy to fit for any bait casting technique.

DRV-662L 3-12g – a stylish BFS bass style. It’s suitable first of all for perch fishing on open waters as well as for finesse bass fishing. This model is versatile and could be used for soft lures and hard lures. Rods are suitable for twitching minnow type lures 7-8cm long and operate small soft lures on finesse rigs.

DRV-642ML 5-14g – this is first of all a model for jig's and soft lures. The rod has a very active tip section, suitable for light and medium jig fishing and Texas rig fishing. The main applications are boat fishing at deep reservoirs, and shore fishing at small rivers.

DRV-662M 7-21g – universal rod for jig/twitching techniques. This model can be recommended as an all-purpose boat rod on big rivers and reservoirs. It’s suitable for pike size minnow type lures, topwater hard lures as well as soft lures on different rigs like Texas, Carolina, Wacky. It has a big power reserve for fighting with a big fish.

DRV-682MH 9-28g – this model is mainly for operating with big size hard lures, such as big minnow, top water and heavy Texas rig.

DRV-702H 15-45g – super heavy duty. Swimbaits, small jerkbaits, big deep diving cranks. Suitable for using top water lures, such as plastic frogs on heavy cover. This model is designed mostly for catching a big fish in challenging conditions.



Handle Material

Production range

Model Length, м Power Test, g Line
Action Weight, g Number
of sections
lenght, cm
Code Price, USD
DRVC-642ML 1.93 Medium Light 5 - 14 8 - 16 lb Moderate Fast 120 2 102 16930188 209.99
DRVC-662L 1.98 Light 3 - 12 6 - 10 lb Moderate Fast 115 2 103 16930189 209.99
DRVC-662M 1.98 Medium 7 - 21 10 - 20 lb Moderate Fast 125 2 103 16930190 209.99
DRVC-682MH 2.04 Medium Heavy 9 - 28 12 - 25 lb Moderate Fast 130 2 104 16930192 209.99
DRVC-702H 2.1 Heavy 15 - 45 15 - 30 lb Moderate Fast 145 2 111 16930191 209.99
DRVC-762M 2.29 Medium 7 - 21 10 - 20 lb Fast 152 2 117 16930210 209.99
DRVC-762MH 2.29 Medium Heavy 9 - 28 10 - 25 lb Moderate Fast 156 2 117 16930211 209.99
DRVC-762H 2.29 Heavy 15 - 45 15 - 30 lb Moderate Fast 158 2 117 16930212 209.99



The new concept of placing the rings, which uses a new type of rings KL-H, was introduced by Fuji in 2012. The basic principle of the new concept is the so-called fast cone principle, which consists of only three rings of small diameter on high legs.

FX Grid

This X-like carbon tape blank wrapping. Is used on the butt and middle sections of the blank, making it more durable and increasing the rod power.


All Favorite rod blanks are produced from a layering combination were carbon of different modulus and different fiber directions, allows us to achieve the desired rod action, increase the durability and lower the rod weight.

Skyflex 36T

Skyflex 36T – Korean manufacturer SK prepreg. Modulus 36 TON (~53 Msi)


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Joe Fisher

Looking to purchase a bfs rod soon. 99% sure I would l like the Drive casting rod. However I can not find it available for purchase on the site, just a description.

Risto Kosk

I think market needs casting (for multireel) rods lenght 250-300cm and lure weight between 10-50. Maybe Favorite would like to do them?

admin Pavel

Maybe, but we have never heard of such requests from our wholesale customers. Demand must be massive so we did the rod under it.