These rods are a perfect instrument for the fishing with tiny soft baits in freshwater, as well as in saltwater rock fishing style. Exclusive rods have a very thin and flexible solid tip. The solid part is rather short which increases tactile sensitivity. Other than increasing sensitivity, the solid part has another function – it makes the tip heavier, which contributes to the distance of casting of extra-light lures. The guides used here are of the lightest weight with a special tangle free shape. The rest of the guides are very light - single-foot Fuji titanium SIC. The tackle is so light-weight and well-balanced, it fit the hand so well, that fishing with it is not only reasonable but down right pleasant.



Handle Material

Production range

Model Length, м Power Test, g Line
Action Weight, g Number
of sections
lenght, cm
Code Price, USD
EXS682UL-S 2.03 Ultra Light 0.5 - 5 4 - 6 lb Ex-Fast 85 2 103 16930089 -
EXS732UL-S 2.21 Ultra Light 0.5 - 6 4 - 6 lb Ex-Fast 93 2 114 16930084 -
EXS832L-T 2.51 Light 2 - 10 4 - 8 lb Ex-Fast 96 2 129 16930046 -
EXS832ML-T 2.51 Medium Light 3 - 12 6 - 12 lb Ex-Fast 107 2 129 16930047 249.99



The new concept of placing the rings, which uses a new type of rings KL-H, was introduced by Fuji in 2012. The basic principle of the new concept is the so-called fast cone principle, which consists of only three rings of small diameter on high legs.

MLS Slim

The usage of a special different modulus carbon layer combination and different fiber directions allow us to create very thin and “slim” blanks without losing rod stiffness, which we use to build L and UL class rods

Skyflex 40T

Skyflex 40T – Korean manufacturer SK prepreg. Modulus 40 TON (~59 Msi)


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