Impulse NEW



Favorite Impulse NEW is a simplified and affordable cost version of ultra-light spinning rod Favorite Impulse TZ. Its main difference from the top model is in the application of simpler guides and the handle material. The blank is made from carbon prepreg produced by the Japanese corporation Toray, modality 46 tons, but a different kind of guides was used for the butt-end. The blank of the Impulse NEW is equipped with guides Fuji Alconite that prevent the line overlapping, arranged based on the KR-conception. It is equipped with a convenient reel-holder with a lower carbon nut. Favorite Impulse NEW has the same operating features, like casting distance, elasticity by playing, sensitivity of the tackle during retrieval. Comfortable rod’s hand is made from EVA and carbon and has minimalistic and ergonomic design. For better visualisation and top control, the guides on some runnings and tulip is made in white colour. Generally, Favorite Impulse NEW has a strong and a stylish design.  

Favorite Impulse NEW is designed for fishing from far distances and for shore fishing. The main direction is microjig fishing, besides the spinning rod is good for miniature and rotating spoons, twitching with little hard lures, with minimum front resistance.



Handle Material

Production range

Model Length, м Power Test, g Line
Action Weight, g Number
of sections
lenght, cm
Code Price, USD
IMP-832L-T 2.51 Light 3 - 12 2 - 6 Fast 102 2 131 16930400 0.00
IMP-792L-T 2.36 Light 2 - 10 2 - 5 Fast 96 2 122 16930399 0.00
IMP-762UL-T 2.29 Ultra Light 0.6 - 7 2 - 4 Fast 90 2 117 16930398 0.00

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