A series of professional rods for boat fishing mostly. Maximally stiff rod blanks Shard are made from Japanese carbon Toray, the highest modulus 46TON, and are reinforced with eight-directional carbon net OCG. It provides the rod with the highest level sensitivity, excellent casting performance and power. Favorite Shard are designed for modern fishing techniques. That is why they can be used for pike twitching with big minnow hard lures as well as for bottom soft baits fishing for zander in conditions where the maximum bait control and power for fast  fighting are required.

Shard is divided in two sets. Rod Proseries Shard TZ is equipped with top guides Fuji Torzite, while the cheaper version is equipped with guides Fuji Alconite.

Favorite Shard got a silver award in nomination “The best new rod”, during the International Fishing Show in Budapest EFTTEX 2017.



Handle Material

Production range

Model Length, м Power Test, g Line
Action Weight, g Number
of sections
lenght, cm
Code Price, USD
SRDTZ-701MH 2.13 Medium Heavy 9 - 28 10 - 20 lb Ex-Fast 135 1 213 16930311 399.99
SRDTZ-702MH 2.13 Medium Heavy 7 - 28 12 - 20 lb Ex-Fast 143 2 112 16930310 399.99
SRD-702MH 2.13 Medium Heavy 7 - 28 12 - 20 lb Ex-Fast 146 2 112 16930309 299.99


FUJI KR-Concept

The new concept of placing the rings, which uses a new type of rings KL-H, was introduced by Fuji in 2012. The basic principle of the new concept is the so-called fast cone principle, which consists of only three rings of small diameter on high legs.

FUJI Torzite

This is the latest word in the technological evolution and engineering from Fuji, these rings are made of a high-strength material that’s carefully polished, which leds to the TORZITE ring being much thinner and lighter in comparison with SiC rings of the same size.

MLS Slim

The usage of a special different modulus carbon layer combination and different fiber directions allow us to create very thin and “slim” blanks without losing rod stiffness, which we use to build L and UL class rods


The 8 directions high modulus structured blank wrapping. It forms a kind of a mesh around the blank with an octagon as the base.

Toray 46T

Toray 46T – Japan manufacturer Toray prepreg. Modulus 46 TON (~68 Msi)



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