Solo is the "first bird" in a new line of high-end rods, “Favorite Pro Series”. We’ve used all the latest technologies that are currently available to us in this series. First, it’s our patented development - technology iGrip which made it possible to minimize the weight and increase the sensitivity of the rod. In addition, the Solo equipped by Fuji Torzite guides that are 10% lighter than SiC. These technologies make it possible to create a rod with a weight no more than 60g for a six-foot model.

Solo – rock fishing rod designed primarily for fishing with the smallest of soft lures and lightest sinkers. It’s a popular in Japan "hard solid" type - rod equipped with a very thin and stiff high modulus solid tip, which allows you to animate the most accented light rigs, and provides greater sensitivity. Together with an ultra-light reel Solo will provide a full “Feng Shui” allowing for dissolving in the process of fishing, regardless of where  you’re fishing, whether it be a beautiful lake in the fairy forest or the industrial bank of a canal in the city.



Handle Material

Production range

Model Length, м Power Test, g Line
Action Weight, g Number
of sections
lenght, cm
Code Price, USD
SOL-602UL 1.83 Ultra Light 0.6 - 5 0.2 - 0.3 Ex-Fast 62 2 95 16930201 349.99
SOL-6102UL 2.08 Ultra Light 0.6 - 5 0.2 - 0.3 Ex-Fast 67 2 108 16930202 349.99


FUJI Torzite

This is the latest word in the technological evolution and engineering from Fuji, these rings are made of a high-strength material that’s carefully polished, which leds to the TORZITE ring being much thinner and lighter in comparison with SiC rings of the same size.


The iGrip - patented technology which raises the rod to a higher and new functionality level. The essence of this technology is that the grip and blank form a single unit.

MLS Slim

The usage of a special different modulus carbon layer combination and different fiber directions allow us to create very thin and “slim” blanks without losing rod stiffness, which we use to build L and UL class rods


The 8 directions high modulus structured blank wrapping. It forms a kind of a mesh around the blank with an octagon as the base.

Toray 46T

Toray 46T – Japan manufacturer Toray prepreg. Modulus 46 TON (~68 Msi)



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