Rings: Fuji Titanium Reel: Fuji Handle material: EVA Jig

These rods are a perfect instrument for of micro-jigging, a fishing technique prevailing in the sport for a long time and becoming extremely popular among amateurs. Exclusive rods have a very thin and flexible tip equipped with a monolith inset. In contrast to the majority of such models, the inset is rather short which increases tactile sensitivity. Other than increasing sensitivity, the inset has another function – it makes the tip heavier, which contributes to the distance of casting of extra-light baits. The throughput rings used here are on of the lightest weight but of special form which decreases the chances of wrapping of the line beyond the ring – the bearings of the first four rings for the tip, excluding top guide are tilted at an acute angle to the blank – if the cord wraps, it’s not caught on the rings. Wraps usually occur when the retrieving technique is used which alternates jerks with rests which is very common for jigging. And thin sensitive tips don’t tolerate wraps – any can be fatal, so this design solution is truly useful. The rest of the rings are very light, in order to provide a minimum weight single-bearing framed Fuji SIC rings are used. With in its price category Exclusive doesn’t have analogs, moreover, it is rather comparable with elite rods of the same conception. The tackle is so light weight and well-balanced, it fit the hand so good, that fishing with it is not only reasonable but rather pleasant.
Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
EXS-682UL-S Ultralight 2,03m 0,5-5g 4-6lb Ex.fast
EXS-792UL-T Ultralight 2.40m 0.6-8g Extra Fast
EXS-732UL-S Ultralight 2.21m 0.5-6g Extra Fast
EXS-832L-T Light 2.51m 2-10g Extra Fast
EXS-832ML-T medium light 2.48m 2-12g Extra Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930089 EXS-682UL-S 85g 2 103сm
16930059 EXS-792UL-T 88g 2 121сm
16930084 EXS-732UL-S 93g 2 114сm
16930046 EXS-832L-T 96g 2 129сm
16930047 EXS-832ML-T 107g 2 129сm

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