Exclusive Twitch Special

Rings: Fuji K-type Reel: Fuji VSS Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

New! The main specialization of the rods - which became extremely popular in recent years twitching . Blank rod is most suitable for the jerk posting a set of characteristics: the average in a static system, the relatively high stiffness and a certain inertia - by which excels "feedback with the bait." Furthermore, the average in the static structure rods, which reached a low tapered form, a positive impact on both bait casting distance of bulk and at vyvazhivanii at which fulfills almost all the rod form, minimizing the number of descents. Thoroughly balanced length of the form, length and weight of the rod handle perfectly balanced, that will not fatigue even after a full day of twitching. Exclusive Twitch Special is equipped with high quality Japanese furniture: comfortable reel Fuji VSS and rings new generation Fuji K-type , which is based property - immunity to tie-soft Braids, which is very important when fishing jerk wiring. Jerk wiring uporistyh crankbaits often requires rods with a large upper test than the weight of a wobbler, so for the convenience of fishermen, in addition to traditional test instructions by weight pelted baits on Exclusive Twitch Special Set the size of the test-minnow lures with which will work optimally data rod. Despite the highly specialized purpose, this rod is well suited for other methods of fishing, the use of high modulus material makes the form sensitive enough for comfortable fishing jig. Exclusive Twich Special line also includes two casting models as well as catching the multiplier recently gaining popularity among local fishermen. In addition, for large wobblers twitching minnow-preferred multiplier as small spinning reel can quickly break down due to heavy loads.
EXST-602M Medium 1.83m 5-21g 10-16lb Moderate
EXST-662M Medium 1.95m 5-21g 8-14lb Moderate
EXST-702MH Medium Heavy 2,1 m 7-35gr 10-16lb Moderate
EXSTC-602M * Medium 1.83m 5-21g 10-16lb Moderate
EXSTC-702MH * Medium Heavy 2,1 m 10-35gr 12-20lb Moderate
* Casting model (a multiplier reel)
Code Model Weight # of sections Folded length
16933037 EXST-602M 123g 2 95cm
16933081 EXST-662M 126g 2 103сm
16933034 EXST-702MH 143g 2 109сm
16933035 EXSTC-602M 145g 2 95сm
16933036 EXSTC-702MH 155g 2 109сm

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