Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Lures Spinners

This series of rods is designed, first of all, for those conditions when the “toughness” of the blank is needed. The blank made of S-V graphite perfectly resists loads in bending it can be easily bent to the handle. At the same time the rod is not “inert” neither of low power. It has enough power which is provided by the material characteristics as well as rather thick walls of the blank. When casting, the blank is loaded in full length, extends quickly, casting the bait in long distance. The rods of this series have two advantages. The first one is smooth but powerful casting without jerks. When being casted the bait doesn’t start somersaulting, but flies evenly, accurately and far. Especially, this is useful when catching with waving lines as well as wobblers with long casting system. The Expaer will allow not only improving the accuracy and distance, but also prevents the line from wrapping around the hooks. The second advantage can be seen during fighting with a fish. Every jerk of the fish will meet resilient resistance of the flexible blank reducing fishing outs to a minimum. By the way, due to the above-mentioned reasons, thin fishing lines and cords are suitable for casting and fighting – the rod won’t allow tearing it not on the bait neither on the fish. Another undoubted advantage is that Expert is rather sensitivewhich is not usual for models of this conception.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
EXS 732 SUL Super Ultralight 2.19m 1-6g Moderate
EXS 732 UL Ultralight 2.19m 2-8g Moderate
EXS 732 L Light 2.19m 3-10g Moderate
EXS 732 ML Medium Light 2.19m 4-16g Moderate
EXU602EUL Ultralight 1.80m 0.5-5g Moderate
EXU682EUL Ultralight 2.04m 0.5-5g Moderate
Code Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16933030 EXS 732 SUL 100g 2 115сm
16933031 EXS 732 UL 100g 2 115сm
16933032 EXS 732 L 105g 2 115сm
16933033 EXS 732 ML 105g 2 115сm
16934003 EXU602EUL 91g 2 96сm
16934004 EXU682EUL 97g 2 106сm

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