Expert Carp

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA

The Expert Carp series doesn’t have any decoration or architectural extravagances. Extra attention was paid to comfort and reliability of all elements of the rod. First of all, it’s a powerful blank which allows casting of weight with the longest distance (within its test range) and coping with the biggest fish you can catch without any risk. Secondly, the rod is equipped reel has the most reliable construction of all. Thirdly, the rod is equipped with high-quality rings with SIC mounting in powerful frame. All above-mentioned makes this rod a truly reliable workhorse.
Моdel range
Мodel Length Sections Test Weight Packed length
EXC12-3 3.65m 2 3.00 300g 186сm
EXC12-35 3.65m 2 3.50 324g 186сm
EXC13-3 3.90m 2 3.00 335g 198сm
EXC13-35 3.90m 2 3.50 350g 198сm

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