Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

The name says for itself – these rods can endure extreme loads. The Extreme rods are not just extra-hard rods. Thanks to S-V graphite and a very fortunate choice of taper of the blank, the rods of the increased power have not only fast action but also are almost amazingly flexible – it’s unbelievable that such a blank would bend to its handle! Meanwhile this is a very important characteristic for extreme fishing rods. The blank should meet big fish jerks and loads when casting heavy baits not only with power but with flexibility – everyone knows that what bends doesn’t break. Any model from the series is perfectly suitable for aggressive twitching of big wobblers, including those with a considerable frontal resistance, sudden “blasts” from the bottom of the rotating spoon-baits with core when fishing with them using a phased retrieving, powerful hooking and speed, forced fighting with a big fish when catching it among the water plants or snags and other “mockeries”. An undoubted advantage is high degree of endurance of the unexpected loads including hits. The concept of the rings should be mentioned in particular – they are of small diameter and are placed on the blank with a small interval which all to distribute the load evenly on the blank without adding extra weight. As for their power, these are extremely sensitive. Other thank fishing with a spinning, they are perfect to not-heavy trolling.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
EXTS702L Light 2.10m 5-25g 6-12lb Ex.fast
EXTS702M Medium 2.10m 7-35g 8-16lb Ex.fast
EXTS702MH Medium Heavy 2.10m 10-45g 12-20lb Ex.fast
EXTS802L Light 2.40m 5-28g 7-14lb Ex.fast
EXTS802M Medium 2.40m 7-35g 8-16lb Ex.fast
EXTS802MH Medium Heavy 2.40m 10-45g 12-20lb Ex.fast
EXTS802H Heavy 2.40m 15-55g 16-30lb Ex.fast
КCode Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16933060 EXTS702L 120g 2 110сm
16933061 EXTS702M 129g 2 110сm
16933062 EXTS702MH 132g 2 110сm
16933063 EXTS802L 135g 2 126сm
16933064 EXTS802M 140g 2 126сm
16933065 EXTS802MH 145g 2 126сm
16933066 EXTS802H 155g 2 126cm


  1. razvan

    Where can I buy in Romania the EXTS702M?
    Or how it will cost me if you send one?

  2. razvan

    I ask them about this rod
    It’s out of stock and they told me that they don’t know when will receive this rod
    thanks for answer

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