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Kung Fu Roma Synapse Pike of Dnepropetrovsk Professional Favorite Receptor Favorite booth at autumn Kyiv fishing show 2014 Simply the lightest Balance and Volga sander The Bird that become a legend You can jig with Exclusive at all of waters Photo from "Pro Angler's League Trout 2014" Besides perchesб pikes and walleyew SOLO succsessfully working with area and stream trouts Favorites are ready to fishbattle Walleye with SOLO Landed by Favorite Neo Breeze Synapse and Messi twin Just a joke ;) Catfish landed with New Spirit. Without any comments. Article about Favorite SOLO in Lithuanian fishing magazine Donetsk fishing. In spite of hard times "Kyiv sea" walleye Perch & Ko Nice ide Pike with Synapse Happy fisherman with Vizor just a Perch Favorite-Ternopol' boat angler's team Shotgun twitching Another boot ;) step Ahead Here we go Sea duett Favorite article in Angling International magazine "Hit" The best selling team Perch in Vorskla Charged 4 success

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