Rings: Fuji TORZITE Reel: Fuji VSS Handle material: Cork Jig

If we ask fans onshore light jig about what qualities must have a suitable rod, most of them will tell you that it should cast, well hold on taking fish from water and be sensitive. "Casting" rod plays an important role in many cases, especially when the fish is on the far touchline, lakes or large rivers, or under the opposite bank of a narrow channel or small river. "Viscosity" - a positive effect on taking fish from water and allows the fish to hold on to the shore, well, without the high sensitivity, perhaps, the whole process of fishing is not very effective and all these qualities are especially important in the competition, where each fish weight in gold. We have implemented it in the lineup Favorite Impulse, consisting of three rods: 7'6 ", 7'9" and 8'3 ". These three versions cover the most essential test ranges for coastal fishing from 0.5-12 grams and possess all the above qualities. Vladimir Vorotnyak (Impulse-Jackall team), twice champion of Ukraine and one of the most titled Ukrainian spinning fisherman, took an active part in the development of this rod. The rod won prizes in several competitions and proved to be a worthy competitor to the Japanese premium rods even in the pre-production stage. Favorite Impulse equipped with modern guides Fuji TORZITE and reel seat Fuji TVS, which fully complies with the brand concept Favorite: “ANOTHER STEP AHEAD”.
Моdel range
Мodel Class Length Тest line test action
IMP-762UL-T Ultralight 2.29m 0,6-7g 2-4lb
IMP-792L-T Light 2.36m 2-10g 2-6lb
IMP-832L-T Light 2.51m 3-12g 2-8lb
Код Мodel Weight sections packed length
16930206 IMP-762UL-T 90g 2 117сm
16930207 IMP-792L-T 98g 2 121сm
16930208 IMP-832L-T 108g 2 129сm

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