Power Jerk

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Lures

These are very fast, rather light weight and perfectly balanced rods for fishing using jerk baits. Based on their characteristics they don’t have a match in their price range. It is very easy to cast rods of this series. They are perfectly compatible with light jerks as well as with monsters of hundred and a half grams of weight. During retrieve the rod doesn’t tire the hand at all, since it has a very little inertia. All models provide a wonderful control of the baits, which allows conducting rather difficult retrieve of heavy baits as well as light weight baits by standards of jerk baits. The Jerk rods are equipped with separated handle and multiplier reel. Combined with a powerful “bait casting reel”, this is a wonderful instrument for trolling, Extra heavy jigging and other fishing techniques where one cannot use rod of medium power.
Model range
Model Lenght Test
FJ 165 1.65m 100g
FJ 165 1.65m 180g
Код Model Weight Sections Pecked length
FJ 165 165g 1,5 132сm
FJ 165 192g 1,5 132сm
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