Jig Gun

Rings: Korea Sic KL-type Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

Jig Gun is a new rod in the Favorite family made as an addition to the existing twitching rod Shot Gun. This is a specialized rod despite of a very accessible price designed mainly for boat jigging. We simplified the components to make the blank as good as it can be. It is very sensitive, “dry”, fast action meeting all the modern requirements of jig fishing. The blank has some power reserve which allows fishing in severe conditions what is very important for zander fishing. Jig Gun is good for jigging at the vast reservoirs from the boat as well as fishing at the small rivers with fast stream. Despite of its jigging specialization we hope Jig Gun can be thought as a good twitching rod due to the blank stiffness as a perfect twitching rod is a very subjective conception.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Line Test Action
JGN-662ML Medium light 1.98m 5-14g 6-10lb Fast
JGN-682M Medium 2.03m 7-21g 8-14lb Fast
JGN682-MH Medium heavy 2.03m 9-28g 10-20lb Fast
Код Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930185 JGN-662ML 114g 2 104сm
16930186 JGN-682M 120g 2 105сm
16930187 JGN-682MH 125g 2 105сm


  1. Красимир

    Hi, first sorry for my English but I speak Bulgarian and so-so English.
    What rod (JGN-682M or JGN-682MH) is suitable for me? I use minnows from 7 to 20gr and spinners equals to Mosca number 5 and 6. I will use the rod for pike fishing till 5kg.

  2. Gvidas

    Hello, what size wobblers for “JGN-682M” are in comfortable zone? (twiching method)


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