Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

The rods of this series are remarkable for increased power margin and are designed for fishing in difficult conditions. But they have lighter and more flexible tips and the whole power is concentrated in the middle part and the butt. This concept allows catching a big fish in difficult conditions on relatively light baits when high sensitivity is needed. A vivid example: fishing a pike on rather big silicon baits with light sinkers on small depths. Here one needs high sensitivity in order to control such baits as well as power in order to suppress jerks of the fish striving flee into the Nympheas.
Model range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
LGS662UL Ultralight 1.98m 0-7g Fast
LGS662L Light 1.98m 3-12g Fast
LGS662M Medium 1.98m 5-21g Fast
LGS702ML Medium Light 2.10m 3-14g Fast
LGS702M Medium 2.10m 5-21g Fast
LGS802ML Medium Light 2.40m 3-14g Fast
LGS802M Medium 2.40m 5-21g Fast
LGS802MH Medium Heavy 2.40m 5-28g Fast
LGS802H Heavy 2.40m 7-35g Fast
LGS902M Medium 2.70m 5-21g Fast
LGS902MH Medium Heavy 2.70m 5-28g Fast
LGS902H Heavy 2.70m 7-35g Fast
LGS902EX-H ExtraHeavy 2.70m 7-45g Fast
Code Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16933000 LGS662UL 110g 2 101сm
16933001 LGS662L 115g 2 101сm
16933002 LGS662M 115g 2 101сm
16933003 LGS702ML 120g 2 109сm
16933004 LGS702M 130g 2 109сm
16933005 LGS802ML 135g 2 126сm
16933006 LGS802M 155g 2 126сm
16933007 LGS802MH 165g 2 126сm
16933008 LGS802H 175g 2 126сm
16933009 LGS902M 175g 2 140сm
16933010 LGS902MH 180g 2 140сm
16933011 LGS902H 180g 2 140сm
16933012 LGS902EX-H 200g 2 140сm

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