New Spirit

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New Spirit - the comeback of the popular model. The model range and the blank are renewed. New Spirit rods are mostly short multipurpose boat spinnings good for catching pike and perch using a jig technique as well as twitching. The fans of American style bass rods will sure like the stiff blank. Along with this the conicity of the blank is not big what is a very positive moment in the process of taking the fish out of the water. New Spirit model range also has a rod for a heavy boat jig and big minnow twitching. This model has a super stiff blank which allows you to use even small jerk baits.
Model range
Моdel Class Length Test Line Test Action
NSP-632L Light 1.90m 3-12g 6-10lb
NSP-662ML mediumlight 1.98m 4-18g 8-12lb
NSP-692M Medium 2.06m 7-24g 10-16lb
NSP-712mL Mediumlight 2.16m 5-21g 10-16lb
NSP-712M Medium 2.16m 9-28g 10-20lb
NSP-610MH Medium heavy 2.08m 10-32g 12-25lb
NSP-602H Heavy 1.83m 12-35g 15-30lb
code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930194 NSP-632L 100g 2 99сm
16930195 NSP-662ML 108g 2 103сm
16930196 NSP-692M 121g 2 107сm
16930198 NSP-712ML 123g 2 113сm
16930199 NSP-712M 123g 2 113сm
16930197 NSP-610MH 126g 2 109сm
16930193 NSP-602H 124g 2 95сm


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    could you tell me how much the NSP-602H is please?

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