Nitrotech Feeder

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA

The use of non-standard for feeder rod geometry of the blank made it possible to create a conceptually new rod, the Action of which can be called “regular fast”. This peculiarity enables to perform long distance casting with high precision. Light graphite blank, light-weight ergonomic handle designed with special cuts for a better grip make this rod a perfect sports model for fast fishing and frequent re-casting.
Моdel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
Nitrotech Feeder 3.60 Heavy 3.60m макс. 120g
Nitrotech Feeder 3.90 Heavy 3.90m макс. 120g
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16933074 Nitrotech Feeder 3.60 260g 4 126сm
16933075 Nitrotech Feeder 3.90 275g 4 136сm

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