Prodigy Jerk

Rings: Fuji Alconite Reel: Fuji Handle material: EVA Lures

Fishing with jerk baits is an interesting, productive and underdeveloped fishing technique in our country. Meanwhile, pike likes such bait very much. And not only 15 kilo monsters like these bait as shown in the Western video clips on jerk baiting, like it, but also pikes which we are accustomed to. This tackle will not only help you begin fishing with jerk baits, but master in it. This is a perfectly built premium-class rod with worthy characteristics. In order to save the right system of short and powerful blank and to make its transportation comfortable, the compromise was reached: the blank was designed whole and the handle is removable. The rod is designed for a multiplier reel, that’s why the reel holder has a trigger. It should be mentioned that other than jerk bait Prodigy Jerk can find other specializations in our water bodies: fishing with very big silicon baits, catching a cat-fish from a boat, and finally, heavy trolling with big wobblers and thick lines.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test
PRJC531M Medium 1.60m 130g
PRJC591MH Medium Heavy 1.75m 180g
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16937000 PRJC531M 200g 1,5 112сm
16937000 PRJC591MH 220g 2 127сm

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