Rings: Fuji Alconite Reel: Fuji Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

These are light-weight, hard and extra-fast action rods of the highest sensitivity. They are perfect when a rod is needed for high power combined with increased sensitivity and ability of extra-accurate bait animation. These characteristics are provided to Professional rods by a powerful, sensitive blank together with a flexible and sensitive tip enable. Rods of this series truly open endless possibilities with such gear as Drop Shot, Wacky Worm, Carolina rig and others which require such characteristics. However, Professional rods were not designed only for such an exotic fishing. They are perfect fishing with silicon baits with light weight when there is no good stretching of the line between the bait and the rod. And these baits aren’t always small, so one can’t use a micro-jigging tackle here - it won’t cope with casting and retrieving. While Professional which combines power and high sensitivity will be perfect. These rods perfectly perform twitching of light, not-big wobblers, allowing giving them the required motion with any difficulties. They are also good for surface baits. By the way many fishermen prefer to have such a rod as the main, universal tackle to use it in different conditions. Professional is a tackle of the highest level with its characteristics not being worse than those of the world leading producers.
Model range
Model Class Length Casting Action
PLS-682UL Ultralight 2.07m 1-5g Fast
PLS-682L Light 2.07m 2-7g Fast
PLS-732L Light 2.20m 2-10g Fast
PLS-732ML Medium Light 2.20m 3-14g Fast
PLS-732M Medium 2.20m 4-20g Fast
PLS-732MH Medium Heavy 2.20m 5-25g Fast
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930067 PLS-682UL 92g 2 108сm
16930068 PLS-682L 98g 2 108сm
16930055 PLS-732L 102g 2 114сm
16930056 PLS-732ML 104g 2 114сm
16930057 PLS-732M 106g 2 114сm
16930058 PLS-732MH 110g 2 114сm

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