Rings: Fuji K-Type Reel: Fuji Handle material: EVA Jig

A series of rods for light and middle jigging. The rods of this series are remarkable for high sensitivity and complex Action. The construction of Receptor’s blank combines perfectly balanced “life” rod’s tip, moderately flexible middle part and strong butt section. Due to this, the rod meets all requirements for rods using in jigging. Informative tip allows clear tracing of the bottom touching as well as all kinds of jigging bait animation. Due to moderately flexible middle part the rod has wonderful casting characteristics and hooks the fish well. Strong butt allows coping with big catch in cramped places. The rod’s tip is painted gray to be more informative. This solution is usually found in design of a spinning for micro-jigging with pasted monolith tip. Unlike those, the rod’s tip in Receptor is full, not pasted. High quality Fuji K-type rings equipped in special anti-wrapping frames of small diameter unload the blank and require using the modern PE braided lines. The universal length allows using Receptor when fishing from boat as well as when fishing from a bank. Attantion!!! From 2013 the lineup of Receptor rods is refreshed. New Receptor-s have a Fuji KL-H guides, placed on the newest Fuji KR-Concept, and have a more vivid decal.
Model range
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
RCS772ML Medium Light 2,32m 4-16g 6-12lb
RCS772M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS772MH Medium Heavy 2,32m 8-30g 10-16lb
RCS774M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS862ML Medium-Light 2,60m 3-12g 6-12lb Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930016 RCS772ML 103g 2 1,18сm
16930017 RCS772M 109g 2 1,18сm
16930018 RCS772MH 111g 2 1,18сm
RCS774M 110g 4 63сm
16930019 RCS862ML 106g 2 1,32сm

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