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These are budget specialized twitching rods. Despite the use of medium modular graphite, we managed to achieve the necessary combination of properties which is essential for a twitching rod – moderate fast action with high rigidity of the blank which allows fishermen to cast comfortably hard baits as well as perform the necessary jerking animation. One of the features of the new series is the availability of casting rods, which were not available in the budget segment up until now. The appearance of the Shotgun series makes fishing with a baitcasting reel available for everyone.
Моdel range
Мodel Class Length Test Мinnow Line test Action
SGN-602M Medium 1.83m 5-21g 70-110mm 8-16lb
SGN-662MH Medium Heavy 1,98m 7-28g 80-130mm 10-20lb
SGNC-602M* Medium 1.83m 5-21g 70-110mm 8-16lb
SGNC-662MH* Medium Heavy 1,98m 7-28g 80-130mm 10-20lb
*Casting rod model
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16936007 SGN-602M 117g 2 95сm
16936008 SGN-662MH 131g 2 103сm
16936009 SGNC-602M* 126g 2 95сm
16936010 SGNC-662MH 132g 2 102сm

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