Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Custom Handle material: EVA

This rod is a boat feeder and is designed taking in consideration peculiarities of bottom fishing with strong current of the big river’s mainstream. The rod is made of high-modulus graphite, due to which is light-weight, but has enough power to cast heavy feeders and fighting with a fish of big fish. The shorter model is designed primarily to fish from a boat, while the longer model can also be used when fishing from a bank of a big river in cases when one doesn’t need super long casts. Both models are perfect when fishing from a bank of a small mountain river with very strong current. In these conditions the increased power of the rod comes in handy when catching a strong fish such as barbus. The rod is remarkable for a modern design, ergonomic handle and anti-wrapping rings of special shape. The rod comes with two replaceable tips.
Моdel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
270HH Heavy 2.70m 80-280g
240HH Heavy 2.40m 80-280g
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16933080 270HH 225g 4 96сm
16933079 240HH 209g 3 126сm

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