Specialist Feeder

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA

A series of feeder rods which was designed for fishing in our water bodies in the best way possible. They can be acknowledged as universal considering their characteristics. The blanks have enough taper to perform hooking as quick as lightning, cast heavy feeding racks at long distances, fight with big and strong fish. Due to this the rod are perfectly balanced. Combined with a relatively short (as for a feeder rod) handle, it makes manipulations with the rod much easier which is crucial in high-speed fishing. Having a considerable power, Specialist Feeder rods behave appropriately when ВЫВАЖИВАНИЕ small and medium fish – thanks to flexible and sensitive upper part of the blank. You can bring this rod along when going to a big river, storage pond or carp pond, being sure that the rod won’t fail you.

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