Synapse BFS limited

Rings: Fuji TORZITE Reel: Fuji SKS Handle material: EVA Jig Lures Spinners

BFS - bait finesse system, very popular direction of baitcasting in Japan in recent years. Implies the usage of the baitcasting tackle in light and ultra-light fishing. However, most Japanese brands BFS rods designed for catching bass and are too powerful for classical European fish. We have developed a casting rod for fishing with light and ultra-light lures that are ideal for perch, pike, zander, chub, trout and fishing with our standard techniques. Younger rod in the lineup, is probably one of the most light serial baitcasting rods today and with the appropriate reel allows you fishing a classic micro jig working with weights from 1g . Synapse BFS limited rods feature most tech guides at the moment - Fuji Torzite.
Моdel range
Моdel class length test Line test action
SYSBF-662UL Ultralight 1.98m 2-7g 2-6lb Fast
SYSBF-662L Light 1.98m 3-10g 4-8lb Fast
SYSBF-702ML Light 2.1m 5-14g 6-10lb Fast
Code Моdel Weight sections Packed length
16930203 SYSBF-662UL 87g 2 102сm
16930204 SYSBF-662L 91g 2 102сm
16930205 SYSBF-702ML 101g 2 108сm


  1. SebasTian

    Is it a carbon-blank ? 30/40-ton ?
    and which Torzite guides(RV,KB or KW?)were used and what ring size ? :-)

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