Syntec picker

Rings: Fuji Reel: Fuji Handle material: Cork

Light class feeder rod. Suitable for fishing with flat type feeders in ponds, as well as with classical feeders on rivers. It has a comfortable handle length for casting allowing snap throw for a long distance. Cork handle has inserts of more durable rubber cork material, making it easy to clean and does not crumble during use. Blank has a fairly fast action, so it’s very strong rod during the cast. It also has a positive effect on the accuracy of the cast, especially when it comes to fish in windy conditions. The rod has a length of 3 meters and is available in two tests: up to 40 grams and 60 grams. Supplied with four interchangeable quiver tips with different stiffness, allowing using different feeders in different conditions.
Моdel range
Моdel Class Length Test Line test action
SYP-3040 light 3.00m 10-40g 4-6lb
SYP-3060 light 3.00m 20-60g 4-8lb
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
SYP-3040 193g 3 131сm
SYP-3040 196g 3 131сm

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