This is a series of budget rods, which proves that the quality of production is not the prerogative of the expensive things only. The basic idea of the new rod is a combination of quality, functionality and availability, hence the name. No compromises were made – you get excellent quality at an affordable price. Short, lightweight and balanced rods of the Balance series are designed for fishing both when using hard lures, light spinners and spoons for a perch and a white predators: chub, asp, ide. Equiped with L-Ti Guides

Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
BLC-602SUL Super Ultralight 1.83m 1-5g 4-6lb Mod. fast
BLC-602UL Ultralight 1.83m 2-7g 4-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-662UL Ultralight 2.01m 2-7g 4-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-662L medium light 2.01m 3-10g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-702UL Ultra light 2.13m 2-7g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-702L light 2.13m 3-10g 6-8lb Mod. fast
BLC-732L light 2.20m 3-12g 6-10lb Mod. fast
BLC-732ML medium light 2.20m 4-15g 6-10lb Mod. fast


Code Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16930161 BLC-602SUL 87g 2 95сm
16930162 BLC-602UL 98g 2 95сm
16930163 BLC-662UL 95g 2 104сm
16930164 BLC-662L 104g 2 104сm
16930219 BLC-702UL 93g 2 сm
16930220 BLC-702L 106g 2 cm
16930221 BLC-732L 112g 2 сm
16930222 BLC-732ML 116g 2 сm

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This rod is a boat feeder and is designed taking in consideration peculiarities of bottom fishing with strong current of the big river’s mainstream. The rod is made of high-modulus graphite, due to which is light-weight, but has enough power to cast heavy feeders and fighting with a fish of big fish. The shorter model is designed primarily to fish from a boat, while the longer model can also be used when fishing from a bank of a big river in cases when one doesn’t need super long casts. Both models are perfect when fishing from a bank of a small mountain river with very strong current. In these conditions the increased power of the rod comes in handy when catching a strong fish such as barbus. The rod is remarkable for a modern design, ergonomic handle and anti-wrapping rings of special shape. The rod comes with two replaceable tips.

Моdel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
270HH Heavy 2.70m 80-280g
240HH Heavy 2.40m 80-280g
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16933080 270HH 225g 4 96сm
16933079 240HH 209g 3 126сm
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This is a series of strong powerful rods of medium hardness but very reliable. The perfectly fit the times when in course of fishing one has to switch from “normal” fishing to fishing in difficult conditions – among water-lilies and snags. These rods will perfectly cope with retrieving of small wobblers as well as non-grabbing wobblers among the water-lilies. Meanwhile, the flexibility of the rod will be enough to cope with jerks of a “nervous” fish. A large number of rings contributes to an even distribution of load in the whole length of the blank. The handle short, separated and is made of a porous EVA material. Any of these rods will perfectly play a role of the only tackle thanks to its universality, durability of sudden loads, an ideal balance of power, sensitivity, flexibility and casting characteristics.

Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
BFS682L Light 2.04m 2-10g Fast
BFS682ML Medium Light 2.04m 4-17g Fast
BFS682M Medium 2.04m 6-24g Fast
BFS702L Light 2.10m 2-10g Fast
BFS702ML Medium Light 2.10m 4-17g Fast
BFS702M Medium 2.10m 6-24g Fast
BFS702MH Medium Heavy 2.10m 7-28g Fast
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16936000 BFS682L 115g 2 105сm
16936001 BFS682ML 115g 2 105сm
16936002 BFS682M 125g 2 105сm
16936003 BFS702L 125g 2 110сm
16936004 BFS702ML 125g 2 105сm
16936005 BFS702M 135g 2 110сm
16936006 BFS702MH 140g 2 110сm


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These rods are a perfect instrument for of micro-jigging, a fishing technique prevailing in the sport for a long time and becoming extremely popular among amateurs. Exclusive rods have a very thin and flexible tip equipped with a monolith inset. In contrast to the majority of such models, the inset is rather short which increases tactile sensitivity. Other than increasing sensitivity, the inset has another function – it makes the tip heavier, which contributes to the distance of casting of extra-light baits. The throughput rings used here are on of the lightest weight but of special form which decreases the chances of wrapping of the line beyond the ring – the bearings of the first four rings for the tip, excluding top guide are tilted at an acute angle to the blank – if the cord wraps, it’s not caught on the rings. Wraps usually occur when the retrieving technique is used which alternates jerks with rests which is very common for jigging. And thin sensitive tips don’t tolerate wraps – any can be fatal, so this design solution is truly useful. The rest of the rings are very light, in order to provide a minimum weight single-bearing framed Fuji SIC rings are used. With in its price category Exclusive doesn’t have analogs, moreover, it is rather comparable with elite rods of the same conception. The tackle is so light weight and well-balanced, it fit the hand so good, that fishing with it is not only reasonable but rather pleasant.

Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
EXS-682UL-S Ultralight 2,03m 0,5-5g 4-6lb
EXS-792UL-T Ultralight 2.40m 0.6-8g Extra Fast
EXS-732UL-S Ultralight 2.21m 0.5-6g Extra Fast
EXS-832L-T Light 2.51m 2-10g Extra Fast
EXS-832ML-T medium light 2.48m 2-12g Extra Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930089 EXS-682UL-S 85g 2 103сm
16930059 EXS-792UL-T 88g 2 121сm
16930084 EXS-732UL-S 93g 2 114сm
16930046 EXS-832L-T 96g 2 129сm
16930047 EXS-832ML-T 107g 2 129сm
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Blue Bird

Not very long ago micro-jigging tackles, of course, if we talk about those tackles which allow realizing the potential of this style, were affordable to quite a few. It is a paradox – budget in all respects fishing style had only one obstacle – the price of the rod. High-quality models with monolith pasted-in tips were presented only by the elite Japanese firms. But now this obstacle was eliminated by the Blue Bird series. These rods though of low price are definitely not a compromise. This is a truly high-quality, very sensitive tackle which allows casting small baits for a long distance. It’s equipped with a comfortable separated handle, L-Ti Guides and tiny throughput rings on the top which decrease the inertia and increase sensitivity. Additionally, the top painted white which together with black winding of the rings can be easily seen with any background. Put on a light reel and you have a perfect instrument which isn’t worse by many parameters that his brand analogs.

Model range
Мodel Class Lenght Test Line test Action
BB-632SUL-S Ultralight 1.92m 1-7g 2-4lb
BB-632L Ultralight 1.92m 3-12g 2-4lb
BB-682SUL-S Ultralight 2.04m 0,5-5g 2-4lb
BB-682UL-S Ultralight 2.04m 1-7g 4-6lb
BB-732L-S Light 2.21m 4-14g 4-10lb
BB-762UL-T Ultralight 2.29m 1,5-8g 4-6lb
BB-792UL-T Ultralight 2.36m 2-10g 6-8lb
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packedm length
16938007 BB-632SUL-S 90g 2 100сm
16938008 BB-632SL 92g 2 100сm
16938001 BB-682SUL-S 89g 2 105сm
16938000 BB-682UL-S 88g 2 105сm
16938005 BB-732L-S 100g 2 114сm
16938011 BB-762UL-T 106g 2 117см
16938012 BB-792UL-T 110g 2 120см

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Zander is not another series of rods, this is extension of jig-spinning potential, a tackle which many fishermen lacked. The combination of hard and powerful blank with the pasted in monolith graphite top make the rod absolutely universal, it can control retrieving of light baits as well as it cast easily cast heavy baits substituting at least two rods this way. However, there are problems which cannot be solved by two rods of different test range. A vivid example – fishing with big soft bait with light weight. The weight of this bait as is is 10 grams, plus the head of 5 grams… A light rod won’t cope with casting of such construction, resists water pretty well and won’t hook up the fish with a big hook, while a heavier rod won’t allow controlling retrieving especially if the bottom is sludgy. Zander with cope with these problems pretty easy. Besides, Zander enables to lead out easily a big fish when catching among the water plants. The blank of the rod is made of high-modulus graphite and is remarkable for light weight, hardness and high sensitivity. The construction of the top guide, due to shape of the bearings, prevents wrapping, the front part of the handle is made of graphite – it increases tactile sensitivity. Zander rods are a perfect choice for fishing with jigging baits for zander, pike or perch, or it can be used to fish with relatively not big wobblers, spinners and spoons where increase sensitivity is not useful.

Модельный ряд
Model Class Length Test Action
ZRS-682M Medium 2.07м 32гр
ZRS-682H Heavy 2.07м 60гр
ZRS-792M Medium 2.40м 32гр
ZRS-792H Heavy 2.40м 60гр
ZRS-902M Medium 2.70м 32гр
ZRS-902H Heavy 2.70м 60гр
Дополнительные характеристики
Code Model Weight Sections Packed length
16933072 ZRS-682M 133гр 2 106см
16930213 ZRS-682H гр 2 106см
16933073 ZRS-792M 141гр 2 123см
16930214 ZRS-792H гр 2 123см
16933057 ZRS-902M 152гр 2 138см
16930215 ZRS-902H гр 2 138см
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These are light-weight, hard and extra-fast action rods of the highest sensitivity. They are perfect when a rod is needed for high power combined with increased sensitivity and ability of extra-accurate bait animation. These characteristics are provided to Professional rods by a powerful, sensitive blank together with a flexible and sensitive tip enable. Rods of this series truly open endless possibilities with such gear as Drop Shot, Wacky Worm, Carolina rig and others which require such characteristics. However, Professional rods were not designed only for such an exotic fishing. They are perfect fishing with silicon baits with light weight when there is no good stretching of the line between the bait and the rod. And these baits aren’t always small, so one can’t use a micro-jigging tackle here – it won’t cope with casting and retrieving. While Professional which combines power and high sensitivity will be perfect. These rods perfectly perform twitching of light, not-big wobblers, allowing giving them the required motion with any difficulties. They are also good for surface baits. By the way many fishermen prefer to have such a rod as the main, universal tackle to use it in different conditions. Professional is a tackle of the highest level with its characteristics not being worse than those of the world leading producers.

Model range
Model Class Length Casting Action
PLS-682UL Ultralight 2.07m 1-5g Fast
PLS-682L Light 2.07m 2-7g Fast
PLS-732L Light 2.20m 2-10g Fast
PLS-732ML Medium Light 2.20m 3-14g Fast
PLS-732M Medium 2.20m 4-20g Fast
PLS-732MH Medium Heavy 2.20m 5-25g Fast
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930067 PLS-682UL 92g 2 108сm
16930068 PLS-682L 98g 2 108сm
16930055 PLS-732L 102g 2 114сm
16930056 PLS-732ML 104g 2 114сm
16930057 PLS-732M 106g 2 114сm
16930058 PLS-732MH 110g 2 114сm

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A series of rods for light and middle jigging. The rods of this series are remarkable for high sensitivity and complex Action. The construction of Receptor’s blank combines perfectly balanced “life” rod’s tip, moderately flexible middle part and strong butt section. Due to this, the rod meets all requirements for rods using in jigging. Informative tip allows clear tracing of the bottom touching as well as all kinds of jigging bait animation. Due to moderately flexible middle part the rod has wonderful casting characteristics and hooks the fish well. Strong butt allows coping with big catch in cramped places. The rod’s tip is painted gray to be more informative. This solution is usually found in design of a spinning for micro-jigging with pasted monolith tip. Unlike those, the rod’s tip in Receptor is full, not pasted. High quality Fuji K-type rings equipped in special anti-wrapping frames of small diameter unload the blank and require using the modern PE braided lines. The universal length allows using Receptor when fishing from boat as well as when fishing from a bank.

Attantion!!! From 2013 the lineup of Receptor rods is refreshed. New Receptor-s have a Fuji KL-H guides, placed on the newest Fuji KR-Concept, and have a more vivid decal.

Model range
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
RCS772ML Medium Light 2,32m 4-16g 6-12lb
RCS772M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS772MH Medium Heavy 2,32m 8-30g 10-16lb
RCS774M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS862ML Medium-Light 2,60m 3-12g 6-12lb Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930016 RCS772ML 103g 2 1,18сm
16930017 RCS772M 109g 2 1,18сm
16930018 RCS772MH 111g 2 1,18сm
RCS774M 110g 4 63сm
16930019 RCS862ML 106g 2 1,32сm

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