NEO Breeze

The progress made an adjustments to the Neo Breeze’s design. Since 2013 all the Neo Breezes are equipped with the K-guides and new hookkeeper. A new decal designed on a modern fishing fashion and new handle has become more convenient.
It’s the fans of jigging who will appreciate this series the most. The rods have a fast Action, very light, hard and sensitive blank equipped with fitting suitable for its characteristics. Breeze will give not only the highest sensitivity which make you feel the rod as the extension of the nervous Action, but will allow performing complex “stunts” of jigging animation. These are premium class rods which leave behind their analogs in the same price category. During the production of these rods the requirements set forth by the fishermen catering for local fishing conditions were taken in consideration. This means that a fisherman won’t need to adapt fishing tackle for catching bass to catching zander: the rod was initially designed for catching our fish. These elegant and delicate rods have an impressive power margin which allows catching even big predatory fish. Comfortable separated handle (strong point of all the Favorite rods in general) makes the fishing more convenient. Other than jigging, these rods are wonderful for twitching while using wobblers.

Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Action
BRS 762 ML Medium Light 2.260m 4-24g
BRS 762 M Medium 2.26m 7-32g
BRS 762 MH Medium Heavy 2.26m 10-45g
BRS 862 L Light 2.60м 4-18гр
BRS 862 ML Medium Light 2.60m 5-28g
BRS 862 M Medium 2.60m 7-35g
BRS 862 MH Medium Heavy 2.60m 15-50g
BRS902-MH Medium 2.70m 15-45g
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930050 BRS 762 ML 107g 2 116сm
16930051 BRS 762 M 108g 2 116сm
16930052 BRS 762 MH 110g 2 116сm
16930166 BRS 862 L 113g 2 132сm
16930053 BRS 862 ML 116g 2 132сm
16930154 BRS 862 M 117g 2 132сm
16930155 BRS 862 MH 120g 2 132сm
16930165 BRS902-MH 125g 2 140сm
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These rods are a perfect instrument for of micro-jigging, a fishing technique prevailing in the sport for a long time and becoming extremely popular among amateurs. Exclusive rods have a very thin and flexible tip equipped with a monolith inset. In contrast to the majority of such models, the inset is rather short which increases tactile sensitivity. Other than increasing sensitivity, the inset has another function – it makes the tip heavier, which contributes to the distance of casting of extra-light baits. The throughput rings used here are on of the lightest weight but of special form which decreases the chances of wrapping of the line beyond the ring – the bearings of the first four rings for the tip, excluding top guide are tilted at an acute angle to the blank – if the cord wraps, it’s not caught on the rings. Wraps usually occur when the retrieving technique is used which alternates jerks with rests which is very common for jigging. And thin sensitive tips don’t tolerate wraps – any can be fatal, so this design solution is truly useful. The rest of the rings are very light, in order to provide a minimum weight single-bearing framed Fuji SIC rings are used. With in its price category Exclusive doesn’t have analogs, moreover, it is rather comparable with elite rods of the same conception. The tackle is so light weight and well-balanced, it fit the hand so good, that fishing with it is not only reasonable but rather pleasant.

Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
EXS-682UL-S Ultralight 2,03m 0,5-5g 4-6lb
EXS-792UL-T Ultralight 2.40m 0.6-8g Extra Fast
EXS-732UL-S Ultralight 2.21m 0.5-6g Extra Fast
EXS-832L-T Light 2.51m 2-10g Extra Fast
EXS-832ML-T medium light 2.48m 2-12g Extra Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930089 EXS-682UL-S 85g 2 103сm
16930059 EXS-792UL-T 88g 2 121сm
16930084 EXS-732UL-S 93g 2 114сm
16930046 EXS-832L-T 96g 2 129сm
16930047 EXS-832ML-T 107g 2 129сm
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Zander is not another series of rods, this is extension of jig-spinning potential, a tackle which many fishermen lacked. The combination of hard and powerful blank with the pasted in monolith graphite top make the rod absolutely universal, it can control retrieving of light baits as well as it cast easily cast heavy baits substituting at least two rods this way. However, there are problems which cannot be solved by two rods of different test range. A vivid example – fishing with big soft bait with light weight. The weight of this bait as is is 10 grams, plus the head of 5 grams… A light rod won’t cope with casting of such construction, resists water pretty well and won’t hook up the fish with a big hook, while a heavier rod won’t allow controlling retrieving especially if the bottom is sludgy. Zander with cope with these problems pretty easy. Besides, Zander enables to lead out easily a big fish when catching among the water plants. The blank of the rod is made of high-modulus graphite and is remarkable for light weight, hardness and high sensitivity. The construction of the top guide, due to shape of the bearings, prevents wrapping, the front part of the handle is made of graphite – it increases tactile sensitivity. Zander rods are a perfect choice for fishing with jigging baits for zander, pike or perch, or it can be used to fish with relatively not big wobblers, spinners and spoons where increase sensitivity is not useful.

Модельный ряд
Model Class Length Test Action
ZRS-682M Medium 2.07м 32гр
ZRS-682H Heavy 2.07м 60гр
ZRS-792M Medium 2.40м 32гр
ZRS-792H Heavy 2.40м 60гр
ZRS-902M Medium 2.70м 32гр
ZRS-902H Heavy 2.70м 60гр
Дополнительные характеристики
Code Model Weight Sections Packed length
16933072 ZRS-682M 133гр 2 106см
16930213 ZRS-682H гр 2 106см
16933073 ZRS-792M 141гр 2 123см
16930214 ZRS-792H гр 2 123см
16933057 ZRS-902M 152гр 2 138см
16930215 ZRS-902H гр 2 138см
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A series of rods for light and middle jigging. The rods of this series are remarkable for high sensitivity and complex Action. The construction of Receptor’s blank combines perfectly balanced “life” rod’s tip, moderately flexible middle part and strong butt section. Due to this, the rod meets all requirements for rods using in jigging. Informative tip allows clear tracing of the bottom touching as well as all kinds of jigging bait animation. Due to moderately flexible middle part the rod has wonderful casting characteristics and hooks the fish well. Strong butt allows coping with big catch in cramped places. The rod’s tip is painted gray to be more informative. This solution is usually found in design of a spinning for micro-jigging with pasted monolith tip. Unlike those, the rod’s tip in Receptor is full, not pasted. High quality Fuji K-type rings equipped in special anti-wrapping frames of small diameter unload the blank and require using the modern PE braided lines. The universal length allows using Receptor when fishing from boat as well as when fishing from a bank.

Attantion!!! From 2013 the lineup of Receptor rods is refreshed. New Receptor-s have a Fuji KL-H guides, placed on the newest Fuji KR-Concept, and have a more vivid decal.

Model range
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
RCS772ML Medium Light 2,32m 4-16g 6-12lb
RCS772M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS772MH Medium Heavy 2,32m 8-30g 10-16lb
RCS774M Medium 2,32m 6-24g 8-14lb
RCS862ML Medium-Light 2,60m 3-12g 6-12lb Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections Packed length
16930016 RCS772ML 103g 2 1,18сm
16930017 RCS772M 109g 2 1,18сm
16930018 RCS772MH 111g 2 1,18сm
RCS774M 110g 4 63сm
16930019 RCS862ML 106g 2 1,32сm

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Exclusive Twitch Special

The main specialization of the rods – which became extremely popular in recent years twitching . Blank rod is most suitable for the jerk posting a set of characteristics: the average in a static system, the relatively high stiffness and a certain inertia – by which excels “feedback with the bait.” Furthermore, the average in the static structure rods, which reached a low tapered form, a positive impact on both bait casting distance of bulk and at vyvazhivanii at which fulfills almost all the rod form, minimizing the number of descents. Thoroughly balanced length of the form, length and weight of the rod handle perfectly balanced, that will not fatigue even after a full day of twitching.
Exclusive Twitch Special is equipped with high quality Japanese furniture: comfortable reel Fuji VSS and rings new generation Fuji K-type , which is based property – immunity to tie-soft Braids, which is very important when fishing jerk wiring. Jerk wiring uporistyh crankbaits often requires rods with a large upper test than the weight of a wobbler, so for the convenience of fishermen, in addition to traditional test instructions by weight pelted baits on Exclusive Twitch Special Set the size of the test-minnow lures with which will work optimally data rod.
Despite the highly specialized purpose, this rod is well suited for other methods of fishing, the use of high modulus material makes the form sensitive enough for comfortable fishing jig.
Exclusive Twich Special line also includes two casting models as well as catching the multiplier recently gaining popularity among local fishermen. In addition, for large wobblers twitching minnow-preferred multiplier as small spinning reel can quickly break down due to heavy loads.

EXST-602M Medium 1.83m 5-21g 10-16lb Moderate
EXST-662M Medium 1.95m 5-21g 8-14lb Moderate
EXST-702MH Medium Heavy 2,1 m 7-35gr 10-16lb Moderate
EXSTC-602M * Medium 1.83m 5-21g 10-16lb Moderate
EXSTC-702MH * Medium Heavy 2,1 m 10-35gr 12-20lb Moderate

* Casting model (a multiplier reel)

Code Model Weight # of sections Folded length
16933037 EXST-602M 123g 2 95cm
16933081 EXST-662M 126g 2 103сm
16933034 EXST-702MH 143g 2 109сm
16933035 EXSTC-602M 145g 2 95сm
16933036 EXSTC-702MH 155g 2 109сm
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