Fuji TORZITE guides

Recently Fuji presented to the public the results of their extensive research and engineering developments – ring TORZITE. Title «TORZITE» comes from the geometric term “Thor (toroid)”, which characterizes the unique appearance and some properties of toroid rings.

This is the last word in the technological evolvement and engineering from Fuji, these rings are made from high-strength material that is carefully polished , which led to the fact that TORZITE ring is much thinner and lighter in comparison with SiC rings of the same size .

Thanks to its slim form, the inner diameter of the TORZITE rings is 15% wider than the SiC rings of the same size. This means that now you can reduce the weight of rings set on the rod up to 20-30%! Weight reduction rings decreases rod tip load, and add sensitivity to the road top.

High-strength ceramic material TORZITE has the same level of durability and strength, as SiC material despite of the fact that TORZITE rings are much thinner than SiC ones. Chances to break the ring TORZITE from an accidental impact or fall is much lower. TORZITE rings surface is carefully polished, this reduces friction and allows enhancing distance of cast. Surface smoothness of rings also reduces the contact pressure and friction, prolonging the “life” of the fishing line.
As a premium product , Fuji TORZITE rings are only available in a titanium frame. To indicate the status of high quality manufacture, all of the Fuji TORZITE rings are marked with laser.

Favorite Pro Series” rods, which will be released in 2014, are going to be equipped with rings Fuji TORZITE.