Rings: SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures Spinners

The Variant rod this is lowcost rod series. For its prices diapason standing next to the Delta and Laguna series. Variant rods are multipurpose, you can successfully use it for jigs and spinners and wobblers. A wide range of rod longs and tests allows you to choose the appropriate model for catching any specifics. Reasonable price and decent design will be enjoyed not only by beginners, that is only start mastering of fishing, but also advanced level anglers. CHOOSE YOUR Variant!
Model range
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
VRN-602UL Ultralight 1.83m 2-7g 6-8lb Fast
VRN-602L Light 1.83m 3-12g 6-10lb Fast
VRN-662L Light 1.98m 3-14g 8-12lb Fast
VRN-662ML Medium Light 1.98m 4-16g 8-15lb Fast
VRN-662M Medium 1.98m 5-25g 10-20lb Fast
VRN-662MH Medium heavy 1.98m 7-28g 10-25lb Fast
VRN-662H Heavy 1.98m 12-35g 12-30lb Fast
VRN-702ML Medium light 2.10m 5-18g 8-15lb Fast
VRN-702M Medium 2.10m 7-25g 10-20lb Fast
VRN-702MH Medium heavy 2.10m 10-30g 10-25lb Fast
VRN-702H Heavy 2.10m 15-45g 15-30lb Fast
VRN-762M Medium 2.29m 10-30g 10-25lb Fast
VRN-762MH Medium Heavy 2.29m 12-35g 12-30lb Fast
VRN-802MH Medium Heavy 2.40m 12-35g 12-30lb Fast
Code Моdel Weight Sections packed length
VRN-602UL g 2 101сm
16930170 VRN-602L 105g 2 96сm
16930171 VRN-662L 111g 2 104сm
VRN-662ML g 2 сm
VRN-662M g 2 сm
VRN-662MH g 2 сm
VRN-662H g 2 сm
16930172 VRN-702ML 121g 2 110сm
16930173 VRN-702M 125g 2 111сm
VRN-702MH g 2 сm
16930174 VRN-702H 155g 2 111сm
16930175 VRN-762M 154g 2 118сm
16930176 VRN-762MH 155g 2 118сm
VRN-802MH g 2 сm

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