Rings: Fuji KR-Type Reel: Fuji SKSS Handle material: EVA Jig Lures

This series of short rods was designed primarily for boat fishing. The combination of the special geometry of the blank and multiple layers of carbon fiber with different modularity allowed us to create a rod which harmoniously combines high sensitivity, has relatively low weight and high strength. The specifications of this series equally meet the requirements of both jig fishing and twitching of minnow lures. Varita rods have fast action; the rod tip is rather informative when used in jig fishing. But, at the same time, Varita rods aren’t “circle-shaped” which contributes to their excellent casting qualities. Powerful and thick butt can easily cope with a big fish and force the retrieving in harsh conditions. Varita has been specifically tested in bass fishing. The rod is designed primarily for pike and zander fishing performed from a boat in vast reservoirs and large rivers as well as pike fishing performed from a bank of a small river with whole bunch of structures in them. Varita is equipped with the most modern fittings: Fuji KL-H guides which are company’s innovation of 2012, they are placed according to the KR-concept and the skeletal Fuji reel seat, which provides maximum access to the blank and increases sensitivity. In a word this rod is dedicated to those who love reliability, functionality and “indestructibility” of American spinning rods.
Мodel range
Мodel Class Length Test Line Test Action
VRT-662UL Ultralight 1,98m 2-7g 4-8lb
VRT-662L Light 1,98m 3-12g 8-12lb
VRT-662ML Medium light 1,98m 5-16g 8-12lb
VRT-702M Medium 2.10m 7-21g 10-16lb Fast
VRT-702MH Medium heavy 2.10m 9-28g 10-20lb Fast
VRT-702H Heavy 2.1m 15-45g 12-25lb Fast
VRT-602H Heavy 1,80m 15-45g 12-25lb
VRTC-702MH* Medium heavy 2.1m 9-28g 15-30lb Fast
*casting model
Код Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16936015 VRT-662UL 95g 2 102сm
16936016 VRT-662L 102g 2 102сm
16936011 VRT-662ML 105g 2 102сm
16936012 VRT-702M 123g 2 101сm
16936013 VRT-702MH 132g 2 101сm
16936017 VRT-702H 154g 2 111сm
16936018 VRT-602H 119g 2 96сm
16936014 VRTC-702MH* 144g 2 111сm


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