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Vizor is a new series of Favorite rods designed according to the best traditions of Japanese bass spinning rods with a large competitive advantage over the latter – it features the spinning (not casting) models in medium and heavy classes, which is not common among the Japanese bass rods.  These short, fast, light and sensitive jig rods have rather cone-shaped blanks. They also feature modern, elegant design and ultramodern furniture from Fuji - guides placed according to KR-concept.  The short foregrip together with ergonomic Fuji nut provides comfortable access to the blank. These rods are designed primarily for jig fishing of a pike and a zander performed from a boat.
Model range
Мodel Class length Test Line test Action
VZR-602UL Ultralight 1.83m 1-7g 4-6lb
VZR-602L Light 1.83m 2-10g 6-8lb
VZR-662ML Medium light 1.98m 3-14g 6-10lb Fast
VZR-662M Medium 1.98m 5-21g 8-16lb Fast
VZR-702MH Medium heavy 2.10m 7-28g 10-20lb Fast
VZR-802MH Medium heavy 2.40m 7-28g 10-20lb Fast
VZR-802H Heavy 2.40m 10-35g 12-25lb Fast
Дополнительные характеристики
Код Мodel weight Sections Packed length
16930156 VZR-602UL 82g 2 95сm
16930157 VZR-602L 96g 2 95сm
16930158 VZR-662ML 99g 2 104сm
16930159 VZR-662M 106g 2 104сm
16930160 VZR-702MH 113g 2 109сm
16930148 VZR-802MH 118g 2 125сm
16930149 VZR-802H 123g 2 125сm


  1. неманский

    Не планируете ли модель 240-260 с тестом 2-12, 3-14, 5-16 =)

    • admin Pavel

      Не планируем ибо это уже будет совершенно другое удилище.
      Или вдвое дороже и хорошее или такое же по цене, но вдвое хуже.

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