To be specific, there are three series. In order to meet the requirements of different fishermen who fin in different conditions and each has their own approach to tackle; three modifications of rod were designed – H, L and M. The H model is notable for its power. These rods allow catching quite big fish among different obstacles in the water. A vivid example of such fishing is quite popular carassius fishing among the water lilies or reeds. You can catch quite a big fish, while the fish always want to flee into the plants, and the only thing one can make a use of here is the power of the tackle – even the greatest fighting technique won’t help. The L model is a more delicate rod which allows fishing using thin, unnoticeable tackle with small hooks which don’t alarm the fish. This is very useful when catching any careful fish, especially if no underwater obstacles will hamper the fighting with the fish. All the rods are made of high-modulus carbon fiber, they are ultra light and transmit the hooking motion to the tackle immediately without “nodding”. The latter quality is very important: if during hooking the rod “sinks” with the tip facing upwards, then first of all, it can perform hooking with a certain delay, second of all, in case of blank hooking the tackle may shoot out of water and get tangled at the top. The rods are perfectly balanced due to aluminum alloy counterweight plug in the butt section. The third type M is the middle between two above-mentioned types, combining light-weight and power. They can be surely called “universal”. They are suitable for different conditions of fishing.
Моdel range Wave H
Code Мodel Length Packed length Weight
16933040 WAVE-H500 5m 127сm 263g
16933041 WAVE-H600 6m 127сm 353g
Моdel range Wave M
Code Мodel Length Packed length Weight
16930070 WAVE-M400 4m 136сm 150g
16930071 WAVE-M500 5m 136сm 226g
16930072 WAVE-M600 6m 136сm 318g
Моdel range Wave L
Code Мodel Length Packed length Weight
16933050 WAVE-L500 5m 132сm 173g
16933051 WAVE-L600 6m 132сm 263g
/thead 5m

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