White Bird

Rings: Korea SiC Reel: Korea Carbon Handle material: EVA Jig Lures Spinners

?Favorite brand is happy to present a new ”bird” in it’s products range – White Bird. This is the budget rod designed for jigging, as well as for twitching. White bird has a solid tip “S”. The model range includes six models in three casting weights (up to 5g, 7g, 14g) and two lengths (2.04m and 2.19m). You can easily choose the rod under your conditions. White Bird is a good present for the beginner.
Модельный ряд
Мodel Class Length Test Line test Action
WB-682SUL-S Super Ultralight 2.04m 0.5-5g 4-6lb Ex.fast
WB-732SUL-S Super Ultralight 2.19m 0.5-5g 4-6lb Ex.fast
WB-682UL-S Ultralight 2.04m 1-7g 4-8lb Ex.fast
WB-732UL-S Ultralight 2.19m 1-7g 4-8lb Ex.fast
WB-682ML-S Medium light 2.04m 3-14g 6-10lb Ex.fast
WB-732ML-S Medium light 2.19m 4-14g 6-10lb Ex.fast
Дополнительные характеристики
Code Мodel Weight Sections Packed length
16930227 WB-682SUL-S 2 сm
16930230 WB-732SUL-S 2 сm
16930228 WB-682UL-S 2 сm
16930231 WB-732UL-S 2 сm
16930229 WB-682ML-S 2 сm
16930232 WB-732ML-S 2 сm


  1. Evaldas


    где я могу купит White Bird WB-682SUL-S на Литве?
    или можна гдето покупат онлаин?

    where can i buy the new model White Bird WB-682SUL-S in Lithuania?
    Or maybe i can buy it online?

    • admin Pavel

      Обратитесь к ребятам которые представляют продукцию у вас в стране и они вам помогут.
      UAB «RERIJA»
      г.Алитус, ул. Statybininku 54-1
      тел.:+370 676 96954

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